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    4207 SW 9th Street
    Des Moines, IA 50315
    Phone: 515-276-7653

We offer lease with option to purchase on some of our homes. How a lease option works is we lease you a house for an agreed rent and for a twelve month lease. Along with that lease an option agreement is also signed. An option fee is paid by the tenant to the landlord/seller. The option and terms are spelled out.
  • Purchase price
  • The amount of the option fee to be paid.
  • The option fee is applied to down payment at close.
  • The time frame to close the sale.
  • The option is nonrefundable if not exercised.
  • None of the rent goes to purchase price.
  • Option extentions

Once the option is agreed upon we get you in touch with our finance people. They will help you do what is necessary to acquire financed when the option term expires. This is a great program to get into the house with time to repair some issues. To either acquire financing or improve the financing you can get.

Here is our most current list of homes with Lease Options


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